State of Florida

How come Florida can be so cool????

As we said in one of the previous episodes we drove from Shitcago to Miami

recently and part of the trip in Florida has happened via paid tollways.

Since we dont have SunPass we got scared of tickets. There wasnt any way

to pay for those tolls (no toll booths), so thinking its gonna be like in

Shitcago we waited for envelopes in a mail.

It did come, today. 5 dollars and 14 cents (5.14$). Five fucking dollars and

some change. Administrative fee: 2.50. Thats included in those 5.14

So we proceed to pay for it online. Again, knowing how those Chicago

motherfuckers are scamming their own constituents we thought its gonna

be sing up, give me your credit card to put on file, extra “convenient fee”

paid to Chase Bank and so on.

Nope – State of Florida does it the normal way: just pay 5.14 using your card,

thats it. Simple but fucking genius in todays times!!!!

But bolshevicks wont stop barking how bad DeSantis is. Its a fucking joke.