Head is empty

But we are way more than due for another SEO “article”. Wanted to write about A-O-C, but don't want to give h-e-r another platform. It is like giving a 3 year old who just shit itself, a platform to doodle about it. CNN and others are making great job doing this.

Should we write about gun grabbers making another step towards confiscation?


Should we write about 16 years old kid who knows better where the climate is going and what to do about it?


Should we write about a guy in Poland who got thrown out of the train (like Amtrak) by the train police because... he was “homophobic”


Some retard here in US wants to lower the voting age to 16.

“Idiocracy” the movie wasn't a comedy it was a prophecy. And we are getting there very, very fast!

We need more keywords so Loogle can index this page and we can finally be on the first! It's our dream and destiny, lmao!

I guess today is gonna be a day like another. Hurtling slowly into the abyss. Because we don't have more important problems like opioid crisis, stupidity of youngsters etc... No... our biggest problem is speed limit of 35. God forbid people drive there 50!!!!! It would be the end of a fucking world!!!

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