My friend died of corona virus.

He was riding his bike and got run over by the car.

The driver was a carrier.

So now my friend is a statistic for COVID – 19.

Close your eyes and let it sink in:

People who are forbidding you to work now = public sector, are getting paid.

Paid from YOUR money that you are forbidding to make now.

So of course they will scream for weeks or even months of “quarantine”

Who wouldn't? Give us X amount weekly and we will close the business down, duh!

They are getting paid no matter what, so for them it is paid vacation.

Paid by OUR taxes, our income tax that we still have to pay this year!

Even 14 year old understood why teachers were so happy to close the schools: “Hey, all teachers want schools to be closed. Me: “yeah, they want paid vacation. You would be advocating for that too”. Hmmm... Youre right. Me: “yeah I know Im right”

Great idea: why don't public sector (except hospitals and firemen, of course) takes 100% cut in pay and then we wil see how soon all those bullshit #stayathome orders will be lifted. But, but... it is better to be safe than sorry! NO! “Even the sight of Death is not the reason to do unreasonable things” said apparently by Otto von Bismarck.

And what happened to: mankind is bad. pollution. overpopulation. etc bullshit... If that is the case media should fucking dance around and celebrate that people are dying and Mother Nature is taking Her course getting rid of us. What a douchebags!