To all internet, twitter bullshit “conservatives”: you are a fucking morons.

I like browsing your feeds. A lot of informative content. So respect and kudos

for that. But... when it comes to real things, again: you are a fucking morons.

Do you remember begging Daddy to stop flights from China 2 years ago? “Its just

a tip” strategy doesn't work with government. Once you confirmed that you

bought .gov propaganda on the newest flu, you basically opened the door

to all abuse government had in store for us. So when “flattening

the curve” become yearly thing and you opened your eyes it was way

too late.

Now you are doing the same shit when it comes to censoring things you

don't like. Like PORN.

Some fucking idiot the other day was cheering another corporation

severing business ties with PornHub because someone said something.

OMG the “conservative” rejoiced!!! Like a fucking retarded monkeys!!!

“Its awesome!” “Finally!” And so on...

But when the same company cuts business ties with lets say gun manufacturer

those same fucking retarded monkeys are mad. Complete idiots. They don't

understand that once you opened the door, those doors remain open????

Its like coming to bakery to buy a dough to bake and the owner is: I'm sorry can't

sell you dough because I've heard and read somewhere that you are a “Nazi”

You would say what??? So why the fuck are you guys cheering companies

“not making business with Pornhub” for doing the same? Why you are not

pressuring FBI or Police to do something if Pornhub is really facilitating

underage porn. Completely retarded stance. You beg big Daddy to be a

police state. That's why police doesn't do anything. First they don't give a fuck.

Second, why would they do anything if people will finish each others off?

And what is “conservatives” obsession with porn? Most of them would like to make it

illegal. WTF?? One of those “conservatives” would like to see alcohol banned

again. “sure it gave power to criminals, but it was worth it”. REALLY???

We tried it once.

The same with drugs. Last time I checked we had “war on drugs” since 70's?

And they are still illegal so how making them “more” illegal would help

the cause?

The same guy “feels for Mark Zuckerberg” after seeing him on a podcast.

According to that “conservative” MZ has to navigate very hard territory

and blah blah fucking blah. If he doesn't want to be CEO last time

we checked he could resign from FB. Fucking joke people.

Complete fucking idiots.