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New Escorts

There are a few, new Chicago escorts in our "stable". Some might ask - why it takes you so much time to get new faces, to which we can say: quality over quantity. We do have a lot of potential escorts contacting us in Chicago, but we chose only some of them. Grisha, Camilla

were " no brainers", others.... hmmm.... we will give them a chance. Maybe we are wrong, sometimes we are, lol!

Pretty much all Chicago escorts have new pictures and videos. Emery's coming soon. Sometimes we think we show way too much, we should be like other companies: throw three or four fake pics on the profile and voila!

Well, enjoy our new escorts in Chicago. Watch the videos, comment, contact, schedule etc....

And yes we are using Chicago escorts and escorts Chicago on purpose. Its calle...


Chris fucking Comer!!!!

Absolute disgrace to Humanity!!!

DO NOT schedule with him!!!!

Phone number: 847-373-9995

Email or text us for more info

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New pics, new girls coming soon - ish

Just a short announcement. We have a photo shoot scheduled for our Chicago escorts, so expect new, hot pics. Also some new arrivals are waiting to be approved so stay tuned!

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You asked for it - you got it!!!!

To commemorate justice fight of our fellow workers around the world and their Holiday of May 1st we are raising the price on the majority of Outcalls to $425 starting immediately.


We didn't raise the price since 2004 when 1 gallon of gas was around $1.7 - now is around $3

Everyone is so gung ho these days about employees and their well being so we thought we just give Them a raise! And since we have a full fledged Communism in USA nowadays, we though that this raise should come from YOUR POCKET!

So you can fell good about yourself!

And because $ is worth shit today

You can thank for this state of affairs to a few institutions:

Thank City of Chicago for practically making it impossible to park anywhere, except garages where we are getting fu...

Beautiful smile edition.

Spring is lurking around corners in Chicago. How long will it take to melt an ice of Lake Michigan? For sure, way too long! We know the shortcut: melt your ice with one of our Chicago escorts. Choose blonde escort or brunette escorts. Choose downtown escort or try one of our suburban location. Our escorts in Chicago are hot as a Mediterranean Sun and will put a smile on your face!

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Your preferred location?

Asking our patrons what is the best or most desired location? Where would you like to see our Chicago Escorts?

They can see You in Downtown area, nice hotel by O'hare, shopping location in Oakbrook or just a posh restaurant in Schaumburg (lol)!

Our lovely escorts are available all over ChicagoLand area for your convenience.

Let us know which location you prefer best!

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Also - we are always hiring!!

Permanent Winter

What happened???

Where is our Global Warming? Where is our february Summer? Where are the rising temps??? Ohhhh.... We guess someone already made all the money on GW and now we can move on. New topic is racism in Starbucks, lol!!!!!!!!!! It should rather be called Cockbucks, seeing all those beta males cocksuckers running it to the ground. They will close all the stores for one day, lmao!!!! Fucking retards... America needs a war, Civil War preferably so men can be men again, women wives and kids just kids, not some Zombies on Adderall.

God damned it, this was supposed to be about Winter in Shitcago. Well - it is cold, it is fucking cold. Maybe the weather will help homicidal statistics.

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Proper SEO article.

It's a proper SEO “article”

EceChicago is a long standing escort agency with a location in Chicago. Our lovely Chicago escorts are available for incall in Downtown, O'hare, Oakbrook and Schaumburg. Escorts Chicago are also available for an outcall pretty much all around ChicagoLand area.

We have blonde escorts, brunette escorts and everything in between.

Our escorts in Chicago are european descent, all american or an eclectic mix of the best.

Ece Chicago escort agency is open 365 days of the year: rain, snow or shine.

Everyone is welcome although Rs2k, P411 verifications are necessary. We also accept employment info.

In order to better serve You we need an honest feedback, so please do not hesitate to contact us via email or best – text message.

Tale of two Universes

Tales of two Jasons and two Stacys living in a parallel Universes.

Universe numero Uno: the “bent reality, year 2018 on Earth”

Jason is a very respected “doctor a.k.a baby killer” working for Planned Parenthood. Great personality, awesome touch and experienced in vacuuming body parts. He is paid a lot of money doing this. Money which in part comes from us – idiot tax payers.

Stacy is a lost girl, who just got knocked up by one night stand when she was drunk. Respected, future lawyer: “it can happen to anyone” her girlfiends said. He was soooooo cute and she just had to fuck him.


Stacey comes to Planned Parenthood because she saw their ads everywhere and talks to a facilitator how to murder her unborn child. Lady talks...

Friday the 13th. About borders.


When we were younger, we thought borders are BAD. Not anymore. Borders are fucking awesome. You can escape retarded country you are from, where maniacs are running the show to some other country, where cool heads and reason reigns. So what if there are no borders? You're fucked...

Take Europe for example. 20 years ago you got a speeding ticket in France but you were from Belgium - who cares?! Now, fuckers control everything and got you by the balls. America used to be great. What happened to MAGA?? Where can we escape?

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