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Do we have any laws left???


We still don't get it. It still doesn't compute. Why are we even talking about that Caravan. The solution is so simple and it;s staring in your face. But no one wants to say it, no one wants to make that decision, Those are the times we live in. And don't fucking tell me that America is a country of immigrants. We know that. But you can have sex two ways: consensual and rape. Do the libtards/leftists/progressive see the difference?


#dinnerdates of a #sugarbaby


Everyone likes them, everyone was at at least one, everyone had a bad one, but not everyone thinks about getting more than just a dinner out of them! To utilize them to better off your life and your social standing.

We do

Why would you waste your time and energy on random guys taking you out, sometimes leaving you with a bill to pay? Going out should be fun for a young and attractive sugar babies like you! Gentlemen are looking for smart and outgoing girls, who know what they want from life and they can reward you for your enthusiasm!

A lot of novice sugar babies are joining some crazy “dating” or “seeking arrangments” sites. Do they realize how dangerous those websites are? Do they realize that meeting anybody from there can turn really badly for th...

Midterm elections blues

Midterm results, few words:

What can we say? We are doomed. If A. O. Cortez and some other crazy people are voted in based on being bisexual or muslim or just because they are women, we are fucked! I think we will form a party of jerk offs. We like to jerk off and our people should have “equal rights” to heterosexuals. I should be able to marry my own hand! That's discrimination!

The more we think about the whole bullshit “lgbt plus minus equals zero movement”, the more we are convinced that it is in fact bullshit. And we love the idea that no one can critisize them. It's like with Eskimos. You can't say anything bad about that tribe, unless you want to be brand “anti eskimo”

So when we are chosing people not based on the merit, but based on their form of satisfying th...