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Gun owners vs dog owners

Dog owners vs gun owners

Dog owner:

regressive liberal (we are excluding of course hunting dogs of the gun owners, lol)

zero respect for the law (just go to any grocery store, restaurant or Neiman Marcus to see those fucking dogs everywhere)

his/her motto is: even if you dont like the dogs – you WILL like them and accept and tolerate them otherwise you are a bad person!

Gun owner

usually normal person/”conservative”

utmost respect for the law

his/her motto is: I do understand that you dont like guns and I will NOT impose my thoughts on you but I want you to do the same and let me keep my guns for my safety

Do you see the difference???

I wonder what kind of uproar that would be if I walked up the...



Psycho, liar, thief and all around cunt. So bingo!!!!

This is just a warning that psychos are amongst us

To agencies: do NOT ever hire this girl

To clients: you do NOT see her ever!!!! Unless you are a masochist

For more info you can contact us via email

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Socialism - we will come for EVERYBODY!

We are lazy today, so this is just a short excerpt from a preface to Animal Farm from 1972. It reads like it was written yesterday. The truth is only one. That's why normal people sound boring after a while, because how many times can you tell the Idiots that the Sun is hot?

“These people don’t see that if you encourage totalitarian methods, the time may come when they will be used against you instead of for you. Make a habit of imprisoning Fascists without trial, and perhaps the process won’t stop at Fascists. Soon after the suppressed Daily Worker had been reinstated, I was lecturing to a workingmen’s college in South London. The audience were working-class and lower-middle class intellectuals — the same sort of audience that one used to meet at...

They will come for each one of us

I guess every sane person who really cares about freedom already knows/heard about Alex Jones and Co getting censored/banned from pretty much every major internet platform. Organized attack came few days ago from all sides: apple, google, even a fucking spotify! I wonder when they are gonna start banning songs with political nature/lyrics?

We got banned from Eros 3 years ago for nothing. After 12 or so years of business relationship one day we got an email with the last refund and that was it. No appeal, no explanation. Nothing. We got banned because girl working with us did something wrong. That's called social justice instead of just “regular” justice.

Got banned from YouTube few times. Instagram as soon as we got popular. Even Vimeo took down like 3 of our channels. Twitt...

End the FED deux

Mandatory reading!!!

If we want America back, this book should be compulsory/mandatory in every and each school of the Nation.

This amazing author and great Patriot – Alfred Owen Crozier wrote THE book: US Money vs Corporation Currency in 1912, one whole year before we got fucked by our idiot President, an asshole professor Woodrow Wilson. He is a perfect example that the school doesn't give one an intellect nor intelligence.

Book is short so anyone can read it quickly. Author sees the future and tells the reader what WILL happen if/when the FED system is implemented. First you think it's a science fiction story, but after few pages you realize it's 2018 now and this guy really predicted or better – he knew the future! An...

Do not call!

New people! Calling is bad. Calling is really bad.

Telecommunication gods gave us texting so use it!!!

What if I'm with family? What if I'm busy? What if I'm with people? What if I'm showering? Etc.... etc...


It's so 1993!

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Always Hiring!

We are always hiring Ladies. Just a friendly reminder before the busy weekend!

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When Democrats were normal people...

When the Democrats were normal people...

We can only dream about the lost days of sanity. Democrats had IQ over 85 and actually cared about America. Lost are the days of sane men coming up with sane legislations...

Just ready the photo...

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Strange case of minimum wage. No, not really

The case for minimum wage. No, not really

I, the big politican in Chicago stipulate imposing a minimum wage on all escort services. Those poor women, working hard in a heavy rain or even harder in a heavier snow should make livable, humane hourly wage. I say make it 400 american dollars for 1 hour of incall and 500 american dollars for 1 hour of their outcalls. That should show the whole world that we care about them, that America is a rich Country and we will not tolerate poverty!

Who cares that no one will afford those services after that. Who cares that companies will have to hire illegaly, “under the table” going more “underground”. Who cares that many businesses will go bankrupt and girls will lose their livelihood. Who cares!

The most important thing is that on T...