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Welcome to one of the oldest and most established Escort Agency in Chicago.

EceChicago is one of the handfull few Escort Agencies not changing name every six months.

EceChicago is one of the few not switching website every few weeks.

EceChicago is one of the few Escort Agencies using real photos.

EceChicago is the only one posting videos of the actual girls (wow!)

EceChicago is the only one working with girls exclusively, you dont see our Ladies available anywhere else.

We are the only Chicago Escort Agency actually meeting our prospective employees before we start working with them.


We are proud of our brand, we stand by our name and we dont bait and switch, hence we don't have to play hide and seek also - we just like the name EceChicago.

We like taking the photos (it's our hobby) and by doing this we try to show the inner beauty of the Girls. Some of them have dozens and dozens of hot pictures to prove it!

We also produce videos, which is a lot of fun, better than the pics and no one is doing this! You can check our expansive library here: https://vimeo.com/user36618208 and here: https://tinyurl.com/yb36mao7

We like to meet new Chicago Escorts to see for ourselves if they have that something, that spark in their eyes and souls.

So now technicals aside we can tell You that EceChicago has been on the market since 2004. Through out those years we have been working with miriads of lovely Chicago Escorts of all colors, shapes and sizes. Blondes, brunettes sometimes even redheads (lmao!) You name it - we have (had) it!

Contrary to our initial Company statement, we dont hire only european Ladies. No - we are open to everybody who is a nice person. Of course if you are fit and have outgoing personality it helps a ton! But at the end of the day, it is all about your personality.

Our customers grew accustomed to a prompt and private service. We answer the phones pretty much immediately. Weapon of choice is a text message, since we can “talk” to many of our friends at the same time. We don't use any apps, which we see as a waste of time, although some amateurs tell us “they are secure”, lmao! There is no secure means of electronic communication. If you want to be secure lets go back to sending regular mail or Pigeons. But that would slow down the business dramatically, ha!

Our Chicago Escorts are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Rain, shine or heavy snow, we try to satisfy our Customers.

Hourly rates stayed pretty much the same for almost 15 years now with a little uptick in a recent months. Sorry guys – its called inflation!

We service ChicagoLand area, mainly Downtown, O'hare, Oakbrook and Schaumburg. Our Chicago Escorts will go anywhere in between. You are set no matter if You're in Lincoln Park or St. Charles. Some of the longest escapades require more time, hence we might send you one of the hot Chicago Escorts for more than only one hour.

Our Escorts in Chicago are available to assist You in a social events, nights out in the City or just a cozy evenings by the fire place. They can wear a formal uniform, sexy dress or just a jeans and snickers. We embrace quality over quantity, thats why we hire only those Chicago Escorts who are up to our standards.

Your satisfaction is our priority. That's why we ask for the feedback. Good or bad – it is essential in our business and for our reputation. That's why we use only real photos of the Chicago Escorts. To make it even more transparent to the client, we share the videos shot during the same photoshoot as a proof of the girl's “identity”. Do not hesitate to speak your mind and share the thoughts about our Chicago Escorts.

Of course we are only humans. And humans are not flawless like some diamonds. That's why we tend to put as much info about our Chicago Escorts on their profiles as we can, so you can chose for yourself. After all, it is you who knows what is best for yourself!

Some people are looking for a stable relationship, maybe even marrage. We can say: “check! Done that!”. Few of our Escorts in Chicago found their Man and are happily married. Some of you are looking for a partner in Crime, roaming the streets of Chicago, checking all the clubs and restaurants. Some of you just need a hot Escort for that school reunion to make your old flame jealous like hell! We got you covered as well!

Our girls come from a very different cultural, ethnic and geographical backgrounds. We have sexy blondes from Northern Europe. We have an olive skin Ladies from South America. We even had black girls straight from... Russia! A lot of Escorts are from good, old USofA!

It is a melting pot of personalities, but rest assured – you will always find what you are looking for!

As we mentioned before, we always meet with a prospective Chicago Escort and have a lenghty conversation about life. You might call it “screening”, although it's not a nice word.

Unfortunately for the safety of everybody in this business, we also have to screen new clients.

In order to see one of our lovely Chicago Escorts you need to be Rs2K or P411 member. If you are not we need your full name and employment information. There are no exceptions. Sorry guys!!

Contrary to other Agencies we wont tell you: “your information is secure with us”, duh! It is a freaking no brainer Einstein!

Ok, moving on!

We offer few, convenient incall locations. Usually in Downtown Chicago, by O'hare airport, in Oakbrook and Schaumburg. In order to get more info on those, you have to be screened and have appointment scheduled. Once you know the exact location – do not cancel! You will be blacklisted...

We are very professional but strict. We expect the same from You.

We strive to have you come back. Repeat business is a life saver in this game. So we will work with you to make this experience as smooth, fun and satisfactory as possible! Our regular clients sometimes call twice, three times a week to see one of the Chicago Escorts.

Based on our previous experience we book only the same day appointments. Why? Well 99% of prebooked appointments were cancelled so it was a waste of time for all involved parties.

In order to better serve you, we tend to put daily schedule on our Twitter feed, so if you want to be up to date just check it every morning to see which of our Chicago Escorts is available any given day.

EceChicago has a lot of visiting girls. So once you see the new Escort on the website, do not hesitate or wait – call us right away to secure your appointment with Her.

To sum things up:

EceChicago has the best escorts in Chicago. We serve Chicago Land and have Escorts at O'hare, Escorts in Downtown Chicago, also Schaumburg Escorts and Oakbrook Escorts.

We are open 365 days a year providing our clients with incall Escorts and Escorts available for outcalls.

Response time is crucial so whenever you place your call we will answer back within seconds.

We have Blonde Escorts, Brunette Escorts and some red heads Beauties. European Escorts are our speciality, but we cater to all hotties!

Please check our website https://ecechicago.com and video links to see our lovely Chicago Escorts and choose that One, who pique your interest!

Thank you for visiting ECE Chicago - the Best Escort Agency in the City. We are pleased to welcome you and invite you to see our Chicago Escorts. If you are in need of Blonde Escorts, Brunette Escorts or European Escorts, we are the place to be. Our mission is to provide the overall greatest experience for your time. We are a professional, reliable Chicago Escort Agency with many years in the business. Positive client relations are our main objective and we will strive hard to accommodate your requests.

All our Escorts are screened carefully to ensure they are of the highest quality both physically and socially. Many of them are polish descent, many are European Escorts. Feedback provided by established customers can vouch for the quality at ECE Chicago. All photos are 100% accurate. We always meet with our prospective Chicago Escorts personally to ensure their beauty, intelligence and reliability. Allow yourself to experience a higher level of companionship!!!


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