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Friday the 13th. About borders.


When we were younger, we thought borders are BAD. Not anymore. Borders are fucking awesome. You can escape retarded country you are from, where maniacs are running the show to some other country, where cool heads and reason reigns. So what if there are no borders? You're fucked...

Take Europe for example. 20 years ago you got a speeding ticket in France but you were from Belgium - who cares?! Now, fuckers control everything and got you by the balls. America used to be great. What happened to MAGA?? Where can we escape?

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Here we go again... Eagles are circling over dead body of a Nation. Who benefits?

Fuck 500.000 dead Iraqis children, fuck thousands dead in Syria, meh... We have our own, uuuuuggggeee problems in America. Wait for it... Oh, yes! Working girls!!! Duh!!!

Lets come up with a plan how more can we fucked up a regular american folk. The more we look into the future, the more we see the grime past. The name of it is -ism. Call it totalitarianism, socialism, communism etc, Its all the same bullshit. We can, but not you!! You cant!

Thanks God escorting is still legal. For now.

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New Chicago escorts: Anna K and Paloma

New, lovely escorts in Chicago - Anna and Paloma. Brunette escort and Blonde escort. Yes we are using a lot of "escort" word so the little Loogle bots can index the page, lol! The idiotic purge continues. And people said "it can't happen in America" blah, blah, blah. Well it happened. And you know what will happen next? Second Great Depression. Bigger than the First One. Then Dollar will stop being reserve currency and.... pufffff were gone....

Ladies and Gents enjoy life while it lasts. Enjoy our super extra Chicago escorts.

Please be prepared when You contact us.

Please be prepared when You contact us. Know which Chicago escort you would like to see, what time and where. Especially new clients. Please don't ask: you available? It will get you blacklisted really quick. Our escorts in Chicago are available pretty much any day of the week and it is nice to see that You did your homework.

Another "beautiful" day in Chiraq

Snowy monday in the middle of April. Classic. Sigh... Not only the Gov is messing up natural flow of things but now even Nature is throwing Her 5 Cents. Chicago escorts have to stay strong and stay together, especially in those crazy times. Please check our website for the most interested Chicago escorts.

Crazy Algos

Another beautiful day in a deranged and collapsing America. But this time we dont want to write about that. Well actually we do, but unfortunately we have to help boost our Loogle presence. We have to help those little bastards algorithms take us to the first page of the Evil Empire. At least for now until every funny and entertaining activity is banned by a Big (NOT) Brother.

So here we go, short piece about how Chicago escorts are the best in the Country. We dont even know if we can use that word anymore – escorts. Maybe its already a federal crime to even think about escorts in Chicago. Imagine all those agents happy go lucky about new, crazy laws giving them even more power that they already had. Mmmmmmmm.... dream come true!!!

Whos getting fu...d though? Just a normal,...

Quo Vadis America

Quo Vadis America?

Communists striked and won again.

It started like it always does. Slowly, certain ads after ads were banned under the pretext of “good intentions”, “fighting crime” and of course the main one, used soooooo many times - “it's for zee children”. Why at that time? Well, apparently one (1) unfortunate girl was made to put out the ads on BP and forced to work as a sex worker by some incredible evil people. Two others, apparently victims of a human trafficking sued BP but the lawsuit was thrown out.

In a normal world we would not have to say, that human trafficking is a horrible, horrible thing in any way, shape and form, but, unfortunately we live under the tyranny of Communism and have to explain to feeble minded people that we too are AGAINST...


Village of Rosemont underwent major changes in the last few years.

We remember it as a small and sleepy place with just a few hotels and nothing to do after work.

It's all different now! New hotels, clubs, restaurants and of course Rivers Casino made this town very attractive and alive.

No wonder we have an eye on this property and our Chicago escorts are available in Rosemont 7 days a week.

They are one phone call away either you want to see them in their own location or you need and escort for an evening party.

Even though this place is hot now, we still think there is a place to grow and with that there will be increasing demand for our Chicago escorts.  


EceChicago specializes in european escorts.

Polish escorts, Russian escorts or Ukrainian escorts are the order of the day.

Recently we encounter more Bulgarian and Croatian escorts.

All those girls are beautiful and very lovely.

We are the only escort agency in Chicago which personally meets all the prospective escorts and interviews them.

Our goal is to choose only the best ones, girls with a spark and personality.

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